The Power of Storytelling in Marketing



An avid hiker with history of heart problems is on vacation. On one unlucky day, the hiker experiences chest pain, but is not sure what’s happening. In a nanosecond, his cell phone’s ECG monitoring app detects a heart attack and triggers a chain of events…

His doctor is notified… An emergency response team is dispatched…
The hiker’s location is transmitted… Preexisting conditions are communicated…

A life is saved.

An airline passenger en route to Hong Kong gazes out the window at a brewing typhoon. In an instant, her entertainment screen notifies her that her next flight has been delayed and presents her with alternative travel reservations. She updates her itinerary and avoids lines and crowds in the airport.

A tree falls in the middle of the road; a citizen uses her smartphone to text the city’s non-emergency services. In an instant, the messages are parsed and routed to the right department. Security cameras on the road confirm the hazard, and a crew is dispatched to clear the tree.

These are a few of the lead vignettes I wrote for HP’s recent launch of the Instant-On Enterprise.


Getting your audience to remember your message is 95% of the battle in marketing. Most B2B marketing pitches targeting CIOs start with a benefit claim – Lower TCO by 40%, 2X faster than our competitor, etc. Many CIO customer presentations start with how the amount of data will be doubling every few years, or how many billion mobile devices there will be.

After a while, they start to sound the same.

By starting with a human story, we immediately grab a CIO’s attention; give him/her a break from the Lower TCO messaging clutter. We paint a picture of what our customer’s customer might experience in the near future based on our research of technology trends, then describe how our customer will need to take action NOW and consider our solution to prepare for the future.

It’s about breaking through the marketing noise and connecting on a personal level.

See how these futuristic vignettes came together in the final campaign video:

Here’s an article that summarizes the Instant-On Enteprise vision.

What do you think? Does the use of these vignettes create a differentiating point of view for HP?

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